BJP February “Fallen asleep hearts”

I’ve finally done my February page, better late than never. This winter was snowy cold and long. I slept like a bear. To make matters worse, I’ve got news about serious illness of my very good friend… so the page for February is frozen and sad. But my next page is gona be “awakening”

some photos of the process


  1. You page may be frozen and sad, but it is also beautiful and full of love. I hope your friend will recover fully.

    I read some of your other posts... Your bead-crocheted bag is gorgeous!

    I hope spring brings warmth and joy in your life... Robin A.

  2. Although your bjp is about sadness, I see a lot of hope in it, through the crystal bugles that let light in and the lovely flow of the hearts.

  3. Beautiful, and so peaceful ! I think I will go for a nap !

    Sorry to hear about your friend.

  4. I don't see sadness as much as I see beautiful hope in this exquisite piece, Natalie.

    Your other projects are equally stunning! That bead-crocheted eyeglass pouch is incredible . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  5. This page is of a quiet beauty, and conveys very well the sadness you are feeling. I hope and wish that eventually all will be well with your friend again.


  6. Dear ladies, thank you very very much for all your comments and support, sorry that I didn’t answer often personally. I’m not a “writer”, especially in English :-( but I’m very appreciative :-)))

  7. I'm sorry about your sad news, but your page is beautiful! So soft & comfy! And your other work is just fantastic!!! I have to go back & look some more!
    Warmest aloha,

  8. When I see this piece I see flow and movement and simplicity -- I agree with Robin that the overall feeling is beautiful and full of love...The color selection for me meant that maybe your loveliness is subdued for a time -- now that I've seen your next month of plum blossoms -- I can already tell you're blooming again!!